Beating my head in...(production help)
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    So I've been toying with sounds for a few weeks now, and can't seem to get ANYWHERE. Even just simple drum patterns are frustrating the hell out of me.

    What my problem seems to be is that I understand Ableton and how ableton functions as a host software, but I have absolutely no knowledge on how to use the various tools at my disposal to get the sounds I really want. I'm wanting to produce indie electro/fidget type stuff, and I realize there is no one plugin that will instantly give me the sound I want. I know that I probably need to work on processing basic sounds into what I'm looking to achieve, but I'm clueless as to how to do so.

    What I'm hoping is that there are some sites or even books with tutorials or guides on the various effects, filters, or techniques used to achieve certain sound elements. I feel like I have a good understand of how to lay out notes, what elements I need in my tracks, but I need more knowledge in basic production techniques like compression, distortion, etc.

    I may be asking this on the wrong board, and if there is a better message board out there to check out I'd love any suggestions. Hopefully the above makes some sense and someone can help me out...thanks

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    Really, you just need to play with everything to try to get a grasp on it all. Don't start off really trying to produce a specific type of sound. The more understanding you have of the tools you have, the easier you'll be able to get that sound you're looking for.

    Search for tutorials on youtube. I'm more of an FL guy, so I can't give you specific recommendations, but there should be plenty of good tutorials there.

    And with regards to being on the wrong board, you really aren't in the wrong place at all. I started off here before I did any DJing, and there are plenty of other producers here that can help you
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    I have to agree with Lambox. You just have to fiddle with everything. Also I like to go into a song with at least one loop in mind. Then when you think you have a good base. Listen and ask yourself "Does this need anything more?". I've been producing about over 5 years now and I still have to sit down and just twist knobs to find a new sound.

    I would try to more specific but I use reason and live synths.
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    Try searching "Production Masterclass" in youtube. has soem, reason and ableton tutorials up there that may help.

    Ableton its self has lessons built in, go through the help menu to find those.

    Search for ableton tutorials on-line is another good source of knowledge

    hope that helps!
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    Try looking for sample packs as well maybe. instead of spending hours just to get the right drum sounds, load up the right samples from a good sample pack, twist a few knobs and maybe add some verb and you're off running.

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    SonicTransfer has a bunch of random articles at learning some of the beginnings.

    I also recommend picking up this book.
    The Yamaha Sound Reinforcement Handbook.

    It's considered the bible among sound engineers/producers, and I'm definitely a believer that every electronic musician (DJ or not) needs to read it!
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    Thanks for the input guys, really appreciated. I have done the live built-in tutorials so I have a grip on live itself.

    What I'd really like is tutorials on specific musical techniques, like stuff on dialing in percussion, basslines, etc. and how to really tweak sounds to mesh with each other.

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    check i used to be the editor and we did some excellent articles on that sort of thing. some good stuff in the production forums. there is a great thread in there that has an eq reference guide which is really good. other then that, you need to learn about synthesis and how it works and operates. when you have a firm grasp on that it just takes practice. i have a few loops and drum racks that i use to get my started, so start working on that. also get good samples, and when i say good, i mean probably not free. check (i think that is it) they have excellent sample packs for cheap.

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