Traktor scratch Deck problem??
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    Default Traktor scratch Deck problem??

    Hey, I have a problem with Traktor scratch duo when I hook it up with my turntables and my timecode vinyls the decks on traktor play backwards for a few seconds sometimes and also skip. What can this be? I tried calibrating but that doesn't seem to work... I thought maybe someone on here can help me.

    Thank you

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    the first thing i would do is check your phono connections and your needle connections. This has happened to me a couple of times and my needles just needed a good clean
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    are you running vista? i cant use Scratch on my computer, it did that for a while then froze. Now its basically useless. NI told me to switch to Windows 7 and the problem should go away. Also, why are you running Duo? you can upgrade to Pro for free.

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    Hi Thanks for your replies.
    I am running mac osx. I thought I had to pay for the upgrade to Scratch pro... How can I upgrade for free?


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