Incorporating Video/Visual into your set
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    Default Incorporating Video/Visual into your set

    So I'm part of a hip hop and electronic music collective, and we recently started hanging with a dude who is not only a producer, but a ridiculously creative video/visual producer.

    None of us are professionals, though. We want to be able to incorporate some of his video work into our set (via projection), and even have it sync up with the music at times, but I haven't been able to find a whole lot of info regarding this (maybe I'm not using the proper search terms??), or how we could run it in tandem with our DJ (who stays firmly in the audio realm). I'm looking for not only software tips, but hardware as well.

    I should say we generally run our tracks, for live performance, using Traktor.

    Thought perhaps you guys could lend a hand, here.

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    Serato and VDJ Pro both have video, check out the mostly robot thread for ways to link video with traktor as I think the guys had a separate video on how to do it.
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    armin van buuren has an awesome visual setup

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