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    Default Need a sub?

    I just got a set of jbl jrx 115's for my live setup. They are ok but I don't feel like they have the proper bass. Maybe 50 hz and below is weak or non-existant.

    My question. Do you think I could get a decent sub for 500 or less? The jbl's are passive and I have a QSC rmx 850 powering them. I don't have a mixer. Just my laptop, controller and a 4 ch sound card.

    What would I REALLY need to get to have some decent subs jumping off? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    I have a Behringer B1500D-PRO... You could probably get the 18" version of it. But i know that the 1500 has some kick, and you can probably get it for less than 500.
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    Is this for practice, or for parties?

    That 500 bucks for a Behringer sub that Sparkbro mentioned, plus the cost of the JRX cabs would have put you pretty close to a used set of JBL PRX, QSC K series, etc, which would have been a much better setup.
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