Noob question, how do i sync one of these to ableton?
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    Default Noob question, how do i sync one of these to ableton?

    Right just bought one of these as recommended, and was just wondering how do i get it to hook up with ableton. Sorry if it is obvious but i'm a noob!: ?prod=2335

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    What version of ableton are you using? There is a tutorial on how to hook up MIDI and audio devices. The link doesn't work btw.
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    using ableton 8, the device i have isn't coming up in the ports either, in ableton

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    make sure its installed into your vst folder, assuming your using a pc this will be something like

    C:\program files\VST Plugins\

    next step is to open up the ableton options and click preferences so the preferences window comes up.

    Click on the File Folder tab and make sure "Use VST Plug-in Custom Folder" is activated and that the the "VST Plug-In Custom Folder" is pointed to the file containing your vsts which will be something like C:\program files\VST Plugins\

    Now click rescan plugins and let ableton scan the plugins, you can then close the preferences window and click the little icon on the very right of the interface to show you your plugin list.

    Then its just a matter of dragging and dropping the vst from the list into the channel in ableton you want it to go into.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BentoSan View Post
    C:\program files\VST Plugins\
    Isn't usually "C:\program files\Steinberg\VST Plugins" ?

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