Eight tips and tricks for the CDJ-2000 (nexus)
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    Default Eight tips and tricks for the CDJ-2000 (nexus)

    I wanted to release that video before the CDJ 2000 nexus release but Pioneer beat me to it.

    Most people on here know the stuff I show in the video. It's mostly for people who are too lazy reading the manual but there also might be some gold in there with undocumented stuff.

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    That last point isn't actually that useless. If you have a track on an album, by a certain artist, or in a certain BPM (or any tag in for really), and want to find a track with a matching tag, just select the tag from the Link Status screen, and click on it, the same way you would from the info screen.

    E.G. If I had a track off of Blackout playing, and I wanted to grab another track off of it, instead of going Click click click back to Root->Album->Blackout. You would just hit Info->Menu->Blackout.

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