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    Im new to this. I know a lot about car audio but this is different from what I can see. I want a loud system for my apartment. My downstairs plays their music loud and Im sick of it so its time to get something louder. I just want to be able to plug in my ipod and play it maybe ill learn to mix too while Im at it. I was looking at this system but Im not sure Help me find a good quality system and let me know what I need to know about hook ups and power usage ect. Thanks

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    Yeah thats pretty nice, Honestly you just need speakers and a PA with an aux cable. Then you can add other shit later, if you get high voltage speakers, you will be fine in an apartment. Im not a big fan of package deals, quality in your actual speakers is huge.

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    just grab a decent cheap set of monitors from behringer set them up around your room with a basic audio interface, like the behringer usb/phono ones... then if you really want to learn in the future get an idj or something and see if it interests you.

    the entire setup shouldn't cost more then 400 bucks more if you decide to get a controller...

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    Huh that would be nice less then 400 but Ive been looking at guitar center and jbl's run like 600 a speaker and then I would need a woofer and I seen a mikler or something like that at guitar center for 800. That didnt include the deck and amps!!!
    Those Behringer monitors wouldnt help I already run a 500w jvc and I match their system. I have a sony Hi fi unit but its OLD and the power is going on it and thats 5200 watts so something around 4000watts is what Im looking for. Something LOUD. I also would want a mixer I mean having a dj setup I should learn how to mix.
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    I was thinking 2 of these and then a deck that can accept an ipod. What amp would power those speakers though? Would I need anything else besides an amp the speakers and a deck?

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