Feed The Electro [Electro House Live Mix]
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    Default Feed The Electro [Electro House Live Mix]

    Comments are really appreciated

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    Every single transition sounds out of key except for the first one, which is from one song to a remix of the same song. On the first transition personally I wouldnt have played the two songs over eachother for that long just because its making a transition significantly longer than it has to be. I wouldve just brought the other song in over the build up and then cut out the song youre mixing out of. Also when you go to cut out a song a lot of times its good to just cut out the song not fade it out. So in the first transition before the drop of the second track you shouldve just cut the first one

    Also try to make your mixes longer than just 10 mins with 5 tracks, next time go for 30 minutes or an hour

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