Recording a mix in Traktor Pro 2 with an external mixer
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    Default Recording a mix in Traktor Pro 2 with an external mixer

    Hello everyone!

    I am wondering if there is a possibility to record your mixes in Traktro Pro 2 with external mixer and traktor settings. I am using the Denon DX-1600 digital mixer, so there was no need for external Traktor Audio cards. However up till now I was only able to record with internal traktor controlls (faders and frequency knobs), with only being able to externally control effects with X1.

    Is there a way to record using my mixer faders and freq. knobs?

    Thanks for the answers!

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    Yes you can with the x1600. go into the utilities menu on the mixer and change channel 4 to "rec" then you can record externally.
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