So I've not recorded a mix in a fair bit to post up, but I have been working pretty hard. I've been digging for a certain sound of breaks that I feel like I need to share. It's a kind of sound that I haven't heard anyone else really play out, and I'm happy to step up and share it with people.

I consider myself in a constant state of learning, and I'm enjoying every second of it. I have a few gigs behind my belt right now, and a few more coming up, and I'm really getting into the groove of playing out more. It's absolutely addictive, and I feel completely blessed being able to play the music I love to people who appreciate it.

I just opened for Deekline last night, in my favorite bar/pub, and have to say, when I started spinning... it was a life goal to play there. And to open for such a great (and the fellow who came on after me is one of the breaks guys I REALLY respect in the scene) at my favorite spot? Life changing experience. It was also nice to have a ton of support of friends and family in the scene to come out early. (It wasn't without a couple technical and human issues, but I recovered well and I heard great feedback from everyone).

I recorded this mix in somewhat preparation for last night. It's not the exact set, as I do go off the cuff somewhat, but it's a solid practice session that I'm quite happy with. Recorded in Ableton, mixed with Serato, 1200's, and a TTM-56 mixer.

Please let me know what you think. Constructive criticism always welcomed


Home Alone, Ap3x - Connect (Synthetic Hype ( Smash Your Face Remix ))
Kyle Cross - Thats The Way (Audio Tsunami Remix)
Colombo - Rock The Beat
Wardian - Lobo - Original Mix
Aggresivnes - More Contempt (Original Mix)
48K - Synaptic Shapes (Broken Eye Remix)
Buzzwak - Mumbling Music (Access Denied Remix)
Vipercorps, Noprofit - Bassline (Original Mix)
Wardian - Shark Rollers (Original Mix)
J-Trick - Inhale (Keith MacKenzie Mix)
Beat Assassins - Vowla (Original Mix)
DJ Killer - Take Off (The Brainkiller Remix)
Freshquim - Supersize Your Brain - Original Mix
Andy Mac - Clocks (Original Mix)
Bad Tango - Cortex
Steve Velocity, Lemayniac - It's On Tonight feat. Lemayniac (Blaster Plan Remix)
Orbital - Chime (Sketi Breaks Edit)
Andy Mac - Movin' (Phobos Moon Remix)
4Kuba - Charle Chaplin - Access Denied Remix
Somsay - Crack Fever (Original Mix)
Play Moore - Dont Look Back (Original Mix)
Guau - I Hate Mtv (Original Mix)
Sharks - Living Like (J-Trick Remix)
Wardian - Melodays - Original Mix
DJ Icey - Raid! & Invade! (Original Mix)
DJ Fixx, Keith Mackenzie - Lazer Cats - The Squatters Remix (DJ Icey Edit)
Vipercorps - Viperfunk (Kyle Cross Remix)