some questions from a newbie
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    Default some questions from a newbie

    Hi guys,

    I am still quite new in DJing world and no doubt still practicing beat matching all the day. Since I know nobody who does also DJing, this would be the best place for me to ask questions. I have tried to find some answers but unfortunately nothing. So here are my questions:

    1. when im doing beat matching, it happens very often that everything sounds well, but then when i drop in the next song, there is a very little difference between two songs and it's audible. do i need to listen to the two songs at the same time in my headphone?

    2. sometimes the overlap of two songs get very long, i mean more than 128 beats. And the two songs have still tiny difference bpm and therefore after so-long overlap, they will be out of sync. and i found it's difficult to tell which one goes faster until the difference got bigger, but as the first question when there's only a bit difference it would be audible, but i have totally no idea how i can fix it.

    I know i still have to put more effort on it, but im just wondering if there's some solutions for these problems besides practicing to death any suggestion is welcome and thx in advance!!

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    Practice is all you need. And lots of it. Beatmatching will get easier the more you do it.
    One thing that can help though is if you are nudging the record/platter/jogwheel forward, and it falls out of time, keep one hand on the pitch fader, and slowly slide it to the + as you nudge. Same goes for if you are slowing the platter down as well.

    Yes, listen to both tracks in the headphones if you are having issues with only listening with one ear. You should be able to select how much of each deck plays through your phones so that it is easier to hear.
    Remember, your brain has been trained your whole life to listen to everything as one. You need to re train yourself to be able to listen to 2 tracks at the same time, and hear them separately. If you can, set your headphones so that one track plays in one ear, and one in the other.

    Practice practice practice. When you get it, you will be surprised how easy it is, but it takes a little work at first.
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    what controller and/or software do you use? what's your setup?


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