Cloud Computing for Djs
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    Default Cloud Computing for Djs

    I'm sure DJTT will likely write some sort of amazing, insider, investigative piece on this but I thought i'd share this through the forums first.

    A new service called Pulselocker will allow DJs to access music from the cloud to mix in their preferred choice of mixing software. I wrote a bit more about it on my own personal blog.

    Here's what they have to say:
    dj millions of tracks
    without buying millions of tracks.

    Pulselocker: the world’s first and only music subscription service that lets you play an endless crate of music, with your favorite mixing app, online or off.

    Enjoy unlimited access to a vast collection of tracks -- including House, Techno, Hip-Hop, Dubstep, Indie/Alternative, Rare Grooves, Jazz and Reggae.
    This is going to change DJing forever.

    patents pending.
    Anyway fellas, what do you think? Does this service seem viable? I'm sure we'll still need specialized edits and Mad Zack's soundpacks with a subscription to the service.
    Welcome to the forums. I love you.

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