Numark HDX with Traktor CD Timecode
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    Default Numark HDX with Traktor CD Timecode

    I've never used CD timecode before. I would like to use it with my Numark HDX's.

    Hooked up rca's correctly. The platter will control the file in TSP2 pitch is way off up & down. It gives a "unknown medium calibration failed" on calibration spectrum. When switching to the platter it just says calibration failed.

    I'm I overlooking a setting for traktor CD timecode? Is anyone using HDX's or CDX's with timecode?

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    make sure the cables are the right way round, also make sure that the audio 6 is set to line in
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    convert the timecode to mp3 or wav then play it on your hdx as your timecode - less latency. I use mk1 timecode btw, mk2 dont work on earlier tsp2 versions

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    Default Tarktor Scratch Pro Timecode with Numark HDX

    I have 2 Numark HDXs which I am currently using as DVS with Traktor Scratch Pro and the timecode CDs. However, I would like to use timecode directly on the HDX hard drive to avoid using the CD. Does anyone know the detailed process for converting timecode to MP3 or WAV and using it on the HDX hard drive? Thanks in advance!

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