hercules steel/traktor pro tks link
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    Default hercules steel/traktor pro tks link

    just got a hercules steel today, did some searching around and found this link to a midi map of it


    for those who are interested, it seems like a decent controller, I normally use timecode, but i'm sick of carrying around tables and setting it up when i want to practice at home. Its small enough to use if you are on the toilet, but it seems great for just about everything. I\m pretty sure this is just for straight up 2 deck mixing, but i haven't been playing around with it too much.


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    Thanks mate, may have a look at that mapping, been mapping ours from scratch haven't figured everything out yet.
    Just had a look, bloody handy for me so cheers. Will change a few of those settings around but its 75% how i'd like it
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    is anyone have a midi map for hercules steel ???
    I have *.pdf file from ftp://ftp.hercules.com/sound/TDJS/current/TP_DJ_STL.zip - but i see only numbers of midi messages on this map and i need values of these numbers (Control*Ctrl and Outputs*LED) like For example on this midi map for Numark Total Control - > http://www.speedyshare.com/117943479.html
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