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    Howdy all,

    I am just getting into DJing with a Twitch using Itch on my Macbook pro. I was looking to invest in some live sound equipment because I would like to now move towards being able to perform on a small scale at least since I have some nice basic set lists I've been able to rock pretty good now. As of this moment I've acquired a Behringer Xenyx 802 mixer and some cabling, but I am looking for suggestions on whether the 802 is something I should keep and also what I maybe could invest in for a live scenario that would be good to start and that I could maybe grow with. Also, I was also thinking on integrating some turntablism aspects in my routine, so suggestions on some decks/mixers for that would be very helpful as well!

    Thanks for any input!

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    My dj partner is running a basic rig with the same mixer and two powered speakers. behringers, i think this model . since the speakers are powered there's no need for a separate power amp. plug the speakers into a power strip (to cut down on taking up more than one outlet) and connect the speakers to the mixer. we are also semi-beginners and practiced in his garage this way to get more comfortable with hearing our mixing at a higher volume.

    i'm also interested in hearing others' advice too! i have the 1002 mixer and want to invest in my own rig.

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