Anybody else on the planet still using DJ Power?
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    Default Anybody else on the planet still using DJ Power?

    Hello all.
    New user to this forum so I hope this is where this should go. I have been a dj for over 20 years. Used all forms of media (Including Lp, cassete and MD). Have been using DJ Power for about 10 years. Love the features but hate the instability. Always have some problem or other and there doesn't seem to be any help available. Is it time to ditch it and try something else?
    Not a big fan of double deck style progams and everything else seems to be set up that way. Need it for mostley straight playback but pitch manipulation and some looping is nice.
    Used to go to Vegas to shows back in the day and you were not allowed to talk bad about DJP back in those days. The guys who ran the shows were all tied together with all the vendors. That is why I left it all behind, lol.
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    Move up to traktor dude. Its about the same price as you would have paid for dj power back in the day.

    Its well worth it too!

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