Program to burn mixes sliced intro tracks
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    Default Program to burn mixes sliced intro tracks

    Alright, so first off I'm going to assume not all of you are familiar with .cue files.

    Cue files basically tell some kind of program where, in an MP3 file, one song starts and where it ends. It can also include basic information like song title, artist, album name, etc. And, when used correctly, the burned tracks will play seamlessly, which would obviously be important in a DJ mix.

    So my question is, if I have, say, a MP3 that is an hour long with 15 songs in it, what can I use to burn that MP3 to a CD with 15 tracks? I have a program that splits the big MP3 into smaller ones, but as most of you probably know burning it this way often leads to tiny, but noticeable gaps/skips/glitches during playback.

    I used to use a program called burrrn, which worked great for this purpose on my old XP computer, but I can't seem to get it to work with Vista.

    Any suggestions?

    Edit: Also, if there is a method to do this without the use of .cue files, I'm all ears.
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    A lot of burning software, like Nero, offers continuous burns, which is what I used to use all the time when I would cut tracks.

    I think iTunes offers this too for it's burning.
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    Sony Soundforge comes with CD Architect, that's what I use on WinXP, and Logic Studio contains Wave Burner ( for Mac )

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