Laptop performance under international power adaptor charge
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    Default Laptop performance under international power adaptor charge

    Ahoy mateys,
    I was wondering if there is any potential risks or complications to my laptops performance if i was to always use a internation power adaptor? I live in Australia and I'm looking at getting a Dell Alienware laptop sent from the US and thought I would run it past this cluey bunch on djtechtools. If it is risky, would it be posible to buy an Australian charger instead and still function properly?
    It may seem like a silly question- as I'm sure touring artists perform like this all the time- but always nice to be-sure.

    The laptop will usually Dj serato itch or perform live with Ableton oth through the Novation Itch.

    Many thanks

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    The adaptor should be fine. All the ones I see these days are rated for like 100-240v and 50-60Hz.....which basically means you're covered. You would just need the cord that on one end plugs into the outlet and te other end plugs into the power supply, or an adaptor to change the prongs on the end of the cord so that it will plug into an outlet over there. I'm assuming Australia and US are different, but maybe they aren't and you wont need anything

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