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    MSTRKRFT somewhat helped me find my own sound. I listened to a set of theirs and liked how they dabbled in a lot of different sub-genres within the greater electro bubble.

    I just recently listened to a mix by DJ Craze that really drove me to not be so genre focused and more to just focus on creating a certain feeling/vibe with your music, regardless of what genre it is.

    The Swedish House Mafia were an early favorite of mine even before I started mixing, but they always were very technically proficient behind the decks and were able to mix in ways that made you want to rock the fuck out at the drop of even the most boring track.

    A couple local friends that play real techno, lots of dark rave/acid stuff, taught me to appreciate tracks for their simple elements and not for the fact that they had 1000 different things going on in them. It also really helped me understand the psychedelic aspect of music and how music can truly move people.

    Richie Hawtin - after I watched the how-to videos on his traktor setup, I got obsessed with bringing more to my sets than just mixing from one deck to the other, and he really sold me on the power of the digital platform and why playing vinyl records wasn't the only way to be a "real" DJ.

    Many more on this list, that's just a sampling.

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    Definitely, Chris Fortier and Jonathan Lisle
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    electronic music: laurent garnier, the knife, röyksopp, trentemöller
    hardcore/metalcore: poison the well, shai hullud, modern life is war
    klassik: yann thiersen
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    Richie Hawtin, one of my biggest influences has been watching his live set of cocoon invites minus (which you can see at dancetrippin.tv btw.).
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    As earl-Panda mentioned, Garnier.I like his style very much playing eclectic.
    Found e very nice interview of him:


    Billy Dalessandro.Saw him in Munich.

    La Loakaii, a Drum and Bass fellow here in Munich.Never got bored to listen to him.
    And Martin Gretschmann from Console, very open minded to controllerism.Not this "1210 is the only thing in the world" attitude."Vynil"he said, "is to restrictive to me and my music..."

    I listened to too many boring ableton sets, even by big names.

    And Ean.He´s doing a great job and finds so many nice tweaks and shares it.So many people are hiding their stuff but I understand it´s sometimes a part of the business.

    Go on, guys!

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    For getting exposed to EDM
    -DJ Dan's "Beats 4 Freaks" and D:Fuse's "Psychotrance 2000". I'm from a small town in rural Nevada that is about 15 years behind the curve music wise, before the internet was available.

    -Ferry Corsten/System F, Crystal Method, Aphex Twin, Daft Punk, The Orb

    other Music
    -John Coltrane, Pink Floyd, Tool

    -Rabbit in the moon and Daft Punk for the shear spectacle of their live show, various DJ's for talent and music selection.

    @n2hf1st about Armin van Buuren "hearts to the crowd" comment
    Ferry Corsten does this also, maybe it's a dutch thing

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    Well in no particular order...

    For DJ
    Jam Master Jay - For introducing me to the world of DJ (R.I.P)

    For my music production

    Robert Moog

    Emerson, Lake & Palmer "Lucky Man" amazing solo

    My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult - use of samples and their amazing live show

    Ministry - use of samples and Paul barker

    Nortec Collective. yeah just amazing

    St Germain - Love live house music
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    I always loved MLwtTKK's use of samples in their music. Really is a great draw to how I'd like to color the tunes I'm planning on producing.

    As far as DJing goes, all of my influences have been the few DJs that have actually taught me to spin. That, and hearing from you guys around here. I think in the short time I've known him, Bento has taught me more than I could have imagined learning when I started coming around.
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    as for the general possibilities that one can do with a record and a turntable it would be mixmaster mike and Qbert back in 92/93 as dream team on the DMC´s. i remember watching a small piece of the set that got broadcasted back than on television. i even broke my vcr cause i kept rewinding to much I then began scratching myself, discovered the x-ecutioners, watched every dmc-competition that i could lay my hands on and practiced my cuts.

    later on i found "DJ Shadow - do androids dream of electronic beats". till then i was never interested in EDM or techno or how to call it. But that set opened my mind in a whole new way.

    Of course dj´s like alladin, jam master jay,terminator-x and so on are influences to me because they made the easiest scratches sound way tooo cool

    As for ... lets say.. putting things together in a set i would say z-trip and AM showed me thats its possible to rock a hardcore crowd with stuff they are not used to.

    if it comes to creative use of technology i think of Coldcut for video-djíng,Ean and Moldover for their controllerism and of course you guys here

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    deadmau5 - love his music and the how he implements his gear.

    :: Moontribe ::
    Seed (Brian Golub) - I started listening to him with his hardesertrance series on moonshine records. Been fallowing his work since.

    Teapot - Saw him at Shambhalah and own most of his releases.

    Amani - (same as above)

    Donald Glaude - Everytime I see this kat play is an amazing show!

    Dave Armstrong



    noah pred (the sci fi witch doctor)




    there are many more that I could go on and list for various reasons.
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