Using External FX while mixing internally in Traktor
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    Default Using External FX while mixing internally in Traktor


    I'm thinking about adding a Pioneer EFX 1000 to my setup and I'm wondering what's the best way to integrate it. I'm using a VCI 100 and tend to mix internally in Traktor. The way I was thinking of using the EFX 1000 was to send the master output from my soundcard into the EFX and then the output from this into my amp. But this will affect the whole output and I won't be able to assign FX to an individual deck.

    Is there any better way I could go about doing this?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    When mixing internally your only given one output to work with. the efx wont know how to separate it. Im afraid your going to have to mix external for you to get the full functionality of the unit. It is however possible to pipe your audio internally to other programs like Ableton Live or NI's "The Finger" to use some wicked effects and still mix internally.

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    I run my soundcard output through my EFX 500, then through the amp. Your right, you can't seperate the channels, but I do most of my effects internally in Traktor and use the EFX if I just want to throw something simple like a Jet over everything. In reality I rarely use it, but it is there if I need it. It also allows me to take another output to my powered sub.

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