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    I have 72 files on a USB thumb drive. I scanned them using Serato (offline mode) now I want to set cue points.

    After I set the cue points what do I do? press the analyze button again?

    So when I eject it from my computer and I take the USB drive to my friends laptop using Serato, all these files will be analyzed and cue points saved? even if it's a different computer and a different copy of Serato?


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    yes. Save the playlist on your USB.

    The cue points are saved on the tracks themsevles.
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    do I press analyze again?

    I pressed analyze and it said "all files have been anaalyzed"

    although I made cue point changes.

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    Analysis happens once so SSL can store a copy of the waveform overview. It also does some stuff behind the scenes to help speed up disk reads. The cue points are a separate thing, and you don't have to re-analyze just because you set cue points.

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    ok thanks

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