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    Default top 40 dubstep?


    anyone know where i can get some decent dubstep mixes of the latest top 40 stuff? i find that for house parties etc people prefer songs they know, but still like dub stuff...theres some decent things floating around on youtube but thats not helpful!


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    Have a google for pelski and you'll find a decent blog with many mp3's, its mostly electro and dance, however there are a few true dubstep gems. If ya look at artists down the side you'll recognise some big dubstep names.

    Other than that I find hype machine is your best friend (especially if you have the greasmonkey download script). Loads of free dubstep mp3's on that site, do some searches for "joker", "raffertie", "caspa", "rusko", "kode 9" etc etc.

    Good luck finding sum wobble!!!

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