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    i bought the behringer UCA202 to use with the vci100 and traktor, it doesn't work. only gives me one output.

    so i looked around the net for a solution and found this place. now i'm looking at getting a maya44 to replace it as it's tried and tested and works.

    but while looking around i came across this...
    i think it looks quite nice compared to the maya44, not sure if this will work or not though, advice?

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    Actually with that you would be in the same boat you are in now. It technically is built for getting audio into your computer, not out. It too only has one out. Maya44 is the route you want to go for what you are looking to do.
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    Can you use AISO4All an split it up???
    You best bet is to invest a little more and get something a little nicer. There are lots of post in the general discussion area on the different audio interface options.

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