Hands On With Controllers at Sam Ash Music
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    Default Hands On With Controllers at Sam Ash Music

    I finally went to a flagship Sam Ash and hung out with a cool salesman who was knowledgeable and not trying to sell me anything.

    I really think it's very important to go to a store in person and check out stuff hands on. I went in with one mindset and exited with a completely different opinion.

    My Thoughts:

    The Pioneer XDJ AERO is smaller than I perceived.

    The Pioneer WeGO is tiny and fun.

    The Vestax VCI-400's filter knobs are orgasmic.

    Denon makes some nice gear.

    I almost bought the Vestax VCI-380.


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    The Sam Ash here in Cleveland is the same way. The DJ/Pro Audio is run by a DJ and Producer who knows his kit and is very open and honest. These places can get a lot of idiots through the door every day so decent people with a brain and basic social skills tend to get treated very well indeed. These guys also tend to have significant networks with other DJs/producers/musicians so it's great if you can get to know them.
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