CUP behaviour in Traktor 2.5
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    Default CUP behaviour in Traktor 2.5

    I do hope someone can help me, because this is driving me crazy.

    So I finally updated from Traktor Pro 2.0 to 2.5 - It was working fine, and I couldn't be bothered, and now I wish I hadn't.

    See, the CUP button now behaves a little different to how it used to. Back in 2.0, if I pressed and held it while a track was playing, it'd go to the cue point and stop dead, paused as long as I held the button no matter what the platters were doing.

    In the new version if you press CUP while the platters are spinning, it travels to the cue point but doesn't override the spinning platters, so it spins right through the cue point. This irritates me in ways I cannot describe.

    Is it a bug? A feature? A weird new quirk of the settings page?

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    Did you upgrade to 2.5.1 that fixed known performance problems?
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    I'm sure there's somewhere in the settings that you can change the behaviour of CUP. Can't remember right now where it is off the top of my head....
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