How to Promo on Facebook Using Ads
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    Default How to Promo on Facebook Using Ads

    Has anyone here tried it? Rather than simply buying 1000 fake fans to increase your count, how does creating an ad on facebook to promote your DJ/Producer page work? How much does an average ad campaign cost and most of all is it WORTHWHILE.

    Anyone have feedback who's tried it?

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    I have never paid for those facebook ads on the side bar of the news feed, but I did once try using their feature which allows you to increase the reach of your post. Basically the idea behind this is:

    - the majority of your facebook fan base DOES NOT see most of what you post unless a) they interact with your page often b) your post gets a lot of likes + comments c) you pay facebook to let most of them see your post.

    I think a) and b) are actually good features because it forces you to post good content (or just lots of pictures of cats). I think option c is helpful however if your releasing new material. if you post a new mix or track, and then increase its reach, people have a direct link to your material along with your facebook page. also, it'll reach that part of your fan base that hasn't interacted with you in awhile. this is a lot better than those ads on the side bar that basically just say "hey i'm one of the millions of dis that you don't care about, come like my page"! Even if someone liked your page after seeing those ads, it would just be an empty like as that person will have heard none of your material.

    Anyways, here are the stats of the post i promoted (it was my latest mix, its in my siggy if your curious):

    likes on my page: 1595
    amount paid: $30
    amount of people reached (the more people that like/comment your post, the more the post spreads): 13,771
    amount of people that interacted with my post (liked post, commented, liked my page, checked out my page, or clicked play on the video): approx 450

    is it worth it? i don't think its a huge game changer. it will get you some extra hits, and if you have extra money sitting around then its not a bad idea to promote a new track/mix (remember promote the POST that you make, those side ad things are useless imo, unless your someone already fairly well known)
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    I use adblocker to block those annoying ads.
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    Ive used these ads before. It takes some trial and error to find out what works the best for you. But one that works for me is adds that refer to friends of others liking my page. Which makes sence when you think about it. You notice that one of your friends on facebook like a page so your more willing to check it out. Do some research also, it helped me
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