A diffrent side: Midi Fighter 3D vs Traktor Kontroll F1
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    Default A diffrent side: Midi Fighter 3D vs Traktor Kontroll F1

    I'v seen the discustions here about the Midi Fighter 3D vs F1....But i have a diffrent view on it, and questions for you guys....

    I'm ordering a cupple of stuff on DJTT shop, and since i live far away(norway) the shipping is expensive, o i'm ordering a bunch at the same time.

    So my question is, what is the best deal of these alternatives?...

    2 x Midi Fighter 3D and a Audio 2 (for the full traktor Version)....


    2 x Traktor F1, with traktor Full version(s), and the gigabyes of remix sets (2.5 gb or something?)


    1 x Midi Fighter and 1 x F1? for best of both worlds?....

    what i most want out of this, is full traktor remix deck support and full traktor.

    btw, where is a good site to find Remix Deck Sets downloads?....free or otherwise...

    thx in advice...

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    The remix decks sets that you are referring to (2.5gb) can be found for free on NI's website

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    It comes down to what you're goal is... The MF3D is much more versatile. Being able to control the Remix Decks is just part of what you can do with the MF3D. On the flip side, the F1 gives you more control over the Remix Decks. Even then, it depends on what you want out of the Remix Decks. If you don't need the more complete control of the Remix Decks (e.g. individual faders) and are mostly concerned with being able to fire off samples/loops with the option to throw in some unique FX usage, then I'd go with the MF3Ds.
    As Rukks mentioned, the Remix Deck content is available for free either way.
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