Innofader in the new electrix tweaker?
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    Default Innofader in the new electrix tweaker?

    I haven't looked at the specs for an innofader but would it be possible to put the innofader in the electrix tweaker?

    I think it may be my new setup if it is possible.

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    I recon so! They have a few versions out and one is bound to fit.

    Mail them and ask. They do get back to you and will assist in finding out which one you need.

    I have before and it was a pleasure!

    Elliot Marx is the guy to speak to.
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    probably the minnofader is what you want; I don't think it's available on its own though you might be able to talk Eliot into selling you one. Or ask smittten to sell you his if he still has it.
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