Hey guys,

So I'm trying to sync Ableton to Torq, and I'm having some issues. I followed the same guidelines for the Traktor / Ableton mixing, but I'm having problems. Ableton is DEFINITELY receiving clock data, but the speed of the clock is doubled for some reason. If Torq is sending 125 BPM, Ableton goes 250 BPM. I have no idea why.

So here's how I've got things setup.

Direction of MBC
Macbook -----> Torq -------> Korg Zero4 sound and MIDI interface --------> A8DJ ------> Compaq laptop ------> Ableton.

I'm using the Korg Zero4 as my sound interface for Torq because it lets me put each deck and the 16 bank Torq sampler on three separate channels. This is really invaluable for the remixing I want to do.

However, I think the MBC from Torq is hitting the Zero4 and getting doubled somehow, and then Ableton is receiving double speed MBC info. Any idea on how to remedy this?