JACK (Windows) - Adding Audio Ports to a program?! [e.g. Ableton Live 8]
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    Default JACK - Adding Audio Ports to a client audio program

    Hello forum,
    I'm currently messing with JACK on Windows. For any of you who don't know what that is, see http://jackaudio.org/.
    I set it up by using PortAudio as a driver and defining "ASIO:Creative ASIO" (Creative Soundblaster X-Fi Titanium user) in the startup options of the JACK PortAudio server. Also, got every involved program running as admin (Win7 user). The parameters in the JACK Setup of qjackctl.exe, commonly reffered to as Jack Control, don't matter that much, but you can set 1024 as the port maximum

    Now let's take Ableton Live 8 as an example. In there, I set up JackRouter as an ASIO audio device. Now, by default, you can't get more than 4 out and 4 in ports out of Live. Writing more out and in ports in the patchbay doesn't help, because that's just XML code, but doesn't change anything to JACK itself. So how do you get more?

    There's a damn easy solution to this: In Jack's program directory, there's a folder called 32bits, and in there, a file called JackRouter.ini. Open it, and you could guess what has to be changed, couldn't you?

    This is the default setting. Change the values 4 to the number of the (stereo) channels you want divided by 2 (which means, if you'd like 5 stereo channels, type in 10 as a value, typing in 11 would end up in having one additional mono channel...) and you're done. Best part is, I found out all this by reading the readme.

    Hope that helped,
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