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    ^^Just DJs and made one shoddy track 8 month ago and a few totally original bootlegs. Usually completely average and tries to make themselves look better by pulling the producer card. I don't think I know anyone who plays local to me who isnt also a producer

    "My mixing style is quite innovative, I mix very quickly using 4 decks, only my left arm and a bottle of polish, often mashing up tunes with acapella's on the fly."
    ^^Standard set with beatmasher, then some more beatmasher, AND MORE BLOODY BEATMASHER.

    Then you get the comments on bootlegs, such as "I really like this synth," "awesome bass here," and "I love this vocal," and these are on the parts which havent being touched and are in the original song anyway

    People do that one on mixtapes too, as if they seriously think this local DJ composed this progressive main room set by themselves...

    I know I'm being totally cynical, and I'm not meaning to insult people who genuinely are good at what they do, but as they say, 90% of everything is crap. Anyone else got any good examples of funny DJ cliches?

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    2O years playing out..................... is all one big massive cliche. But I love it.... ;-)

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    I've noticed this a lot too! I get so excited when I meet other djs, it's always such a let down when they wind up being dimwits. My Fiance always asks about "That guy I met a couple of weeks ago that I was so excited to work with but haven't mentioned ever since."

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