Traktor wont work with my new macbook?
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    Default Traktor wont work with my new macbook?

    Okay so i can use the traktor software on my new macbook and it all works when its set up to the s4 as aswell, but when i use speakers its all glitchy and hissy and i dont know what to do. ive never used software before I've only used my cdjs and mixer.

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    The issue youre experiencing has to do with the USB encoding. The new Macbook USB ports are supposed to be backwards compatible, but most USB audio devices are having a rough time with it.

    Theres been a "fix" for this for a little while now. Search for it and check out Native Instruments forum as well. It involves changing the kext files for the USB.

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    Try with the beta driver

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    i had the same issue when i got my mac, heres what you need to do:

    a) go to:
    b) go to the drivers section
    c) get the newest mac driver under the s4 (it might still be called a beta drive)

    that should get you sorted. i'd link you directly to the driver but for some reason their website isn't loading for me right now
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