Hey guys, I'm in the works of my own private record pool.

I have searched the interwebbs and found tons of free and legal music downloads on places such as sound cloud and Reverbnation. All the songs are sorted by genre, and 320kbps mp3. MOST are tagged with info such as the artist and where the song was found. Some are even tagged with BPM!

Now I have come up with a means of sharing these songs with other DJs, through DropBox. I've been doing this with the label I belong to for about a week now and it works like a charm because of the way drop box works. All I will need is the email you use drop box with AND your cooperation.

If you wish to join this slowly growing library of music, and you DO NOT have a drop box (or you feel like really helping me out and don't mind creating a new DropBox account)

  • Please PM your email, so that i can send you an invite to Drop Box. If you follow through, and make an account with drop box from the email you receive, the amount of music I can store in the folder will increase.
  • Once you have created an account with drop box, I will share with you the folder with the music in it.

If you wish to join this growing library of music, and you DO have a drop box account.
  • Just PM me your email, and I can share the folder to you as soon as I am able.

Once you are accepted to view the folder. COPY THE FOLDER ONTO YOUR DESKTOP USING THE RIGHT CLICK COPY COMMAND. If you don't EVERYONE who hasn't copied over the files to their computers will be robbed of that chance until I re-upload all the music.

If you want to add your own songs to the pool.
  1. Please ensure that they are in Mp3 format at 320kbps
  2. Make sure they are of a quality that most people would not mind playing in a party (some songs in the pool are NOT fit for playing in a club environment as full songs [they can survive on remix decks], but are suitable to be played in parties [you'll find out which is which relatively fast if you que your songs])
  3. Make sure that your song is agreeable (not a terrible song that is under no condition acceptable)
  4. Make sure you label your song properly so that i can immediately sort the genre
  5. Copy your song to the folder labeled "*NEW*"

When naming your song file please name as such:
"NameOfSong(genre goes here).mp3
And ensure that the proper name and artist is in the ID tags

Thank you.