VCI 100 (Ean Golden Special Edition) + Traktor
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    Default VCI 100 (Ean Golden Special Edition) + Traktor

    I bought a VCI-100 Ean Golden Special Edition second hand and have tried a couple of times to get it to work with the latest Traktor and also Traktor 3 which I bought a few years ago - some of the features work - but not all of the buttons are mapped (e.g. the play buttons, for example, do nothing...). I'm completely new to any DIY mapping and was really hoping for a simple 'plug and play' experience - even if it means using an older version of Traktor. Could anyone give me a few words of advice for how to get the main features functioning properly?

    I think the fact that's it's an Ean Golden special edition VCI-100 may also complicate things a bit too.

    Thanks in advance for any advice!

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    If I were you I would check your Firmware, there have been many updates since the VCI-100 Ean Golden edition and you need to update your controllers firmware to utalize them. I am not sure if DJTT store still sells the firmware chip but you could check around the community.
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    Awesome, thanks so much. And the firmware update is an actual physical chip, correct? (I have a Numark IDJ2 as well but its updates can be loaded on by USB).
    Thanks again.

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    Also try using the djtt mapping, that's if it's running firmware version 1.4, the standard vci 100 mapping in traktor will give you weird results...
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    Awesome - thanks so much. Ordered the firmware chip upgrade, now have it in hand, will try to get it fixed up over the next two weeks. Thanks again!

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