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    Hi all new here and really new to djing my daughter ask if i would dj her sweet 16 party so i did that and then her friend ask me to do hers so i did that and every one was happy. so now she has a school dance and they have very little funds since we live in a small town. so i went and talked to them and said i would do it to help out. the thing is the ask that i not play anything with sex, drugs or cursing. do you guys have a playlist you guys could help me out even alot of the top 40 is really bad. its for a high school dance, and she told me they would ask that i change it if it was really bad, i just dont wanna look really bad. so any of you guys do any school dances and what songs are safe to play for high school .

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    This is a pretty tall request, just so you know. Pretty much all top 40 songs have some kind sinful content. I get my "clean" versions from Promo Only - it's a service that I subscribe to. They're mainly the same version but with the gratuitous "F" bombs and stuff like that bleeped out.

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    Best place to start:

    And go from there. Just google lyrics to songs you feel may not be appropriate and make the judgement yourself... No rocket science here!

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    thanks for the reply that was a big help. yeah i was editing a lot of the music that takes time but i will use it later own so well worth it

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