RME RPM Expresscard Bundle 4 Sale
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    Default Hammerfall RME RPM Expresscard Bundle 4 Sale

    hi there.

    i am selling a brandnew and still boxed Hammerfall RME RPM + Expresscard Bundle.

    the rpm is maybe the best audio interface for the use with dvs systems:


    this is the new edition with expresscard NOT the old and not available anymore PCMCIA II bundle.

    make sure you have an expresscard bus on your laptop/comp!

    for further information ect. please hit me up via PM.

    i accept paypal and will ship out from germany "registered" for the smallest price depending on your country.


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    ok, will put it up on ebay tonight...

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    if you need translations or any info´s - just contact me...


    i´ve split both items into 2 auctions.

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