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    So I recently started working (DJ'ing and promoting) at a very large new club in my city and I just got the go ahead from the owner and the creative director to start looking in to booking touring DJs for one of my nights (Sunday night, progressive themed) and I need a little advice.

    Before this I have only booked local DJs, which is fairly easy, you just send them a message on facebook with a date and usually they go for it but that seems a little crass for contacting a DJ's agent who I don't know. So I'm left wondering what's the best way to approach a booking agent who has more than likely never heard of me or my club and what type of information to include in my email. I'm also worried about being ignored because I sound unprofessional or knowledgeable so I have come to you for advice.

    How do you guys reach out to agents? What type of information do you include in your emails? And how do I sound like I know what I'm doing?

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    dasa good question...

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    Considering that you are tasked with purchasing talent, I would suggest you get with the local talent purchasers around your area and see if they have any exclusive rights to their talents. You can book their resident talent for touring talent of theirs especially if they are well received. Less of a risk for you at first since you are just starting out and need to keep that new role Since you are a promoter, it shouldn't be too hard for you to get with the other local promoters.

    Also, find who you think will better suit the venue. DO YOUR HOMEWORK!! Youtube, soundcloud, etc. Find out his/her sound and if it will be a fit for your needs. Don't be the one that hires a dj based off a single and come to find out his set is totally not what you anticipated.

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