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    just randomly doing a quick search for a picture of the monome to show a friend, i stumbled across this article, and here's an excerpt i think many of you will enjoy:

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    Techno music is made up of a mosaic of repetitive musical patterns that compete for attention while simultaneously giving way to a greater whole. The focus of the music is not a melodic or lyrical journey but the texture of the sounds themselves and the intersections of minimalist riffs. As attention shifts effortlessly between adjacent patterns, the soundscape exposes a dynamic, endless interplay between figure and ground. What is in the foreground at one moment disappears into the background and is quickly replaced by a new sound or pattern that will eventually go unnoticed as well. This soundscape "lures the listener into a sound world honeycombed with chambers that each have their own acoustics. [It] is "like walking through a maze-whose walls rearrange themselves with every step you take.'" (Reynolds, 1999: 44) Here Reynolds finds himself borrowing a description of the non-linear mathematical equations used in chaos theory to capture the essence of techno music.

    "To dance is not just to experience music as time, but to experience time as music." (Melbourne, 1999: 103) / /
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    This is awesome. As a physics hobbyist, I find it really cool to try interpret electronic music in a mathematical perspective beyond standard timing and structure. This reminds me of Reed Ghazala's (another Cincinnatian) Anti-Theory for music.

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    Silly DJ loops are for kids!

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    nice find, I'll remember that one

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    Quote Originally Posted by Str8upDrew View Post
    As a physics hobbyist, I find it really cool to try interpret electronic music in a mathematical perspective beyond standard timing and structure.
    i like to further my understanding of how noisy maths makes my brain feel funny too
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    Kaon, none of that has to do with drum and bass.

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    Great find hipnotikk, thanks!

    There's a great monologue by Brian Eno sampled as the intro to a collaborative album he did with David Byrne, in which he talks about "sound color." Less math-centric than the above but still totally worth contemplating both in and away from the monitors. Sorry for the vague pointer; I'll try to come up with a link or a transcript later...
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