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    Whilst doing my own midi mappings, I realised that traktors interface for making and changing the XML settings file was pretty poor, so to help me with it, I made up an image with all the VCI-100 midi notes, so that I could see at a glance, what note related to what button/fader/knob on the VCI.

    The result is the image below.

    A few notes of explaination:-

    Where a button/fader/knob is listed as having more than one note, thats because:-

    1) It has a separate note at a center point.
    2) It outputs different notes depending on the value of another button (see below)

    Buttons labelled as outputting notes B7 /C8 should not normally be mapped directly to commands. These buttons affect the notes output by other controls. For instance, the parameter button in the top right effects corner of the VCI-100, changes the values of the black mini buttons, knobs and push buttons all in the same effects section (top right). This way every control in that section has three values (for A, B and master).

    The notes listed at the bottom of the jog wheels are for the platter edges. If you hold the edge of the platter at the bottom of the wheel and push in the direction of the arrow on the image, thats the note you get.

    The rest should be pretty straightforward.

    Hope you find this useful.



    Full Size Image:-

    -----> notes.jpg <-----
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    awesome .. really useful stuff!
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    thanks man, great work

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    All interesting stuff

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    thanks man!

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