hello, I am a pdx 2000 turntable user and i have a problem. here it is...

I have two pdx 2000s which i bought in Canada so they were built for a 120V( or 110V i think it's basicly the same thing). I moved to the the carribean where the voltage is 240 or 230V. like in Europe. I plugged them in without a voltage converter ( stupid I know) and blew a fuse in each of them. after i had done this I realized my mistake and went out to get new fuses and a voltage convertor. the fuses i found burnt out at the lowest voltage i could find but i think it was a bit higher then the ones i had before. I plugged them in with the new fuses and my voltage convertor and they worked for about a few hours. then the platter started to jiggle or modulate will it was playing. when i realized this i hit stop by the platter started to keep movong but back and forth as if i was continually hitting the reverse button. i shut the power off and now the dont turn on at all. the fuses are not burnt out.

So my question is....did i put the wrong fuses in and burnt something out?

what could i have fried if so?

and how can i go about buying parts or getting my turntable fixed?

thank you for any information you can give me.