CDJ-850s or DDJ-SX
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    Default CDJ-850s or DDJ-SX

    I wasn't really sure where to put this but I'm now looking for advice on what will soon be my new setup. I'm looking to upgrade from just midi controllers using sync to a more CDJ-like setup. Up until a few days ago I was planning on getting 2 (or maybe 4) CDJ-850s and a mixer and using that with USB drives managed with Rekordbox.

    Then the DDJ-SX was announced.

    I'm not sure now whether I should go with the SX or the CDJs. The CDJs are definitely going to be more like the industry standard, but with the SX I'll get just about everything the CDJs offer, plus a cheaper package, Serato (so I can use music off my computer), and built in effects.

    So, DJTT, what would you go with?

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    I really like the SX and if i'm going to have money i'll buy it ASAP. If u are like me so you like to beatmatch manually i would go with it.

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