VCI-400 EGE Layout For APC 40 (Midi Mappers Required)
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    Default VCI-400 EGE Layout For APC 40 (Midi Mappers Required)

    Hey Guys,
    I think i have come up with a layout that utilises all of the capabilities of VCI 400 EGE within the APC40, but it is an incredibly large jobs to actually map it out. I was hoping there would be a large enough APC40 community on DJ tech tools that a collaborative effort could be made to turn this dream mapping into a reality.
    Features such as 'Slicer' and 'Grid' are waaaay beyond me, but fingers crossed there is someone who can do it.

    With this layout, there is room for:
    Slicer, Gratify, Cues, Grid
    ALL transport controls, Deck select for A/B or C/D
    The ability to change which side of the X fader each deck is
    Loop Size/4 Jog Fx select
    Faders 1 & 8 control Left and Right Jogwheel Fx, Record Arm shows that Fx are active, solo/cue button activates FX, Activator activates Vinyl.
    Individual FX 1&2 on and off buttons
    Tempo control for 4 decks (room for solo/cue button to light up when tempo is centered)
    Volume Control for 4 Decks
    Browse knob
    Constant Filter and high eq knobs and low kills (on the track control area)

    The Device control area is split into three functions
    EQ: Mids and Lows for each four decks
    Control of FX 1 &2: D/W Param 1, 2 & 3 each with on/off buttons
    Control of 2 Sample Decks: Play/mute buttons for each slot, with volume control (or filter control using shift)

    And x-fader, browse mode, the ability to zoom in and out of track waveform (hold deck button + zoom in/out), when shift is pressed the zoom in/out buttons become Snap and Quantize controls.

    All in all a very simple and cohesive layout, would love if anyone could help out. CHeers
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