Homemade / diy laptop stand
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    Default Homemade / diy laptop stand

    so i just made a 30$ laptop stand that i took off of inspiration of this video

    i bought 4 "L" brackets and 2 straight short brackets, nuts and bolts, electric tape.

    basically same idea but idea on setting it up but without the extra stuff. ill post a video later in the thread about this.

    but my questions to you is

    1) have you made your own stand
    2)if so, what did you use and how much did it cost you.
    3) pros's and cons's and what would you improve if you had the chance

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    Nice one!

    I have a similar solution at home...but its just 4 x L Brackets....that are connected like you did with Wingnuts.

    I then have a plexiglass top that I rest on top.

    Sturdy and strong. Great for home use!
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