Reducing bass on one of the audio outputs? (Traktor, Mixtrack Pro)
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    Default Reducing bass on one of the audio outputs? (Traktor, Mixtrack Pro)

    Hey everyone,

    I'm currently looking at buying an active subwoofer. I have 2x Ekho BBX-215s and they do bass pretty well (after all they have 4x15" woofers).

    However the bass uses a lot of the power - at about 8.5/10 on the amp I'm peaking the levels, whereas with -25% bass on traktor I can turn up to 10/10 and be louder, but less bassy, and I don't worry that I'm going to blow something.

    As a result I want to get a sub to take some of the load and produce a bassier sound. I don't have the budget for two, so for now it's just one active sub. It doesn't have a high-pass line out.

    My Numark Mixtrack Pro has 2 audio outputs on the back - can I send one of them at normal levels to the sub, and one of them with the bass EQ'd down by about -25% to the main speakers, so I can turn the amp up? How would I do this?

    In summary: Using traktor and a mixtrack pro, how do I reduce the bass on one audio output but maintain it on the other?

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    Sounds like you just need to buy a simple 2 way crossover. That would be your best bet.
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