Who hates their PC or MAC
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    Default Who hates their PC or MAC

    So I'm looking for people who first hand have issues with their PC or MAC. I can search all I want about DJ laptops but pretty much all of it says "Mac will never crash" or "I hate iTunes" or "I'm not paying 2500 bucks for a laptop." I've heard the story that a MAC is far more stable than a PC and read the horror stories of laptops crashing in the middle of sets. But the stories are always second hand. Where is the guy that had the laptop crash? Did you dig into why? Was it just a drive you installed the day before? Did some popup kick you out of your software? Or did you just unplug your USB hdd and blame your software without telling anyone . Those are the comments I'm looking for. I'm not bias either way and paying 2k for a laptop doesn't bother me so lets hear what you've got running and what has gone wrong.

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    I'm running a cheap $300 Walmart special Compaq, windows 7 64bit. My latency is pretty high, 15 to 20 ms, but I work with it. I run it clean, and have optimized it to the best of my limited ability, but she did crash on me once! It was actually the only time this computer has ever crashed on me at all. We were setting up sound for a barn rave, and at the end of the night wanted to get a sound check in. I was in a rush setting up, and was plugging in my sound card and controllers during the boot process, and moments into my first mix, blue screen'd. Hasn't happened since, didn't bother to track down the heart of the matter.
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    My Macbook is ridiculously heavy, shit weighs more than vinyl >:c
    Quote Originally Posted by earl panda View Post
    iŽll quote you in 5 years and we both will have a good laugh while we are at this awsome dj battle on mars trying to finally beat the damned 1000 armed alien squid "dj squid master". his routines are sick!

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    Keeping this open as long as it doesn't derail from the OP into another Mac vs PC discussion.

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    But I'm only using ubuntu for casual browsing and work.

    Both my comps run windows and the one at my buddy's studio is an iMac. IMHO both systems run smoothly. I've never had a crash in the 4 years of service that my laptop has given me although I did restore it to factory settings this last spring (which gave it a very noticeable boost in performance). I will say that I PERSONALLY prefer windows but that's mostly because I know it better. It will always come down to what you prefer. Ask yourself:
    *What software/applications do I want to use?
    *Will they run on both systems?
    *How much do i want to spend?
    *Am I willing to spend some time learning a new OS?

    With that all being said here are some of my opinions (that you can totally ignore)
    *When comparing laptops with the same specs Mac's usually are slightly more expensive
    *Windows can be just as reliable as long as you take care of your laptop and don't download shadey stuff
    *Mac's have a considerably better build quality than most PC's
    *There are more traps out there for PC users than mac
    *The general public consider apple products to be gifts from the gods and you can score you extra points if you are caught with one in public (if you're into that)
    *Windows laptops of the same price range almost always have better graphics than macs (funny how people consider macs the industry standard for photo and video editing huh)

    So anyways chew on that for a while but honestly any which way you look at it YOU are the one that should decide this. Take peace in the fact that both systems can give you the same performance no matter what anyone says as long as you know what you're doing. Good luck and hope this helped

    Edit: Oh shit I wrote all this before reading your post padi delete if necessary

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    Regardless of whether you choose OSX or Windows, if stability is a concern, you should always be rolling with two laptops.

    I see tons of people tout the MBP as the end-all, be-all solution. But having a top of the line MBP, but no mirrored laptop, is totally unprofessional and a disaster waiting to happen.

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    I use a macbook pro 13"
    I literally love the thing. The outside shell is kind of hard to clean because its grey i always have finger prints on the outside shell.
    Rather then that. I wish the price was more affordable for people then Mac would most likely be the top seller.

    If they could charge 500.00 for a duel core 13" Macbook Pro i think the world could do amazing things.
    I spent 1300.00 For a late 2011 model. I bought in December 2011. Not the cheap imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sss18734 View Post
    Regardless of whether you choose OSX or Windows, if stability is a concern, you should always be rolling with two laptops.

    I see tons of people tout the MBP as the end-all, be-all solution. But having a top of the line MBP, but no mirrored laptop, is totally unprofessional and a disaster waiting to happen.

    Parroting this, but since not all of us are rolling at the very least buy a external HDD, which are about 80 USD these days for a Terabyte, Which can hold your entire Laptops hard-drive + a decent selection of music as a bootable clone. And carry a mix CD to play while you're unfucking your laptop.

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    Decided to get a Mac Book Pro in September 2009. October had me wondering why I'd even ever waited for 10 years to buy one.

    Knowing the OS... well... as far as getting around using it... I only had the first day I really had to look for the things I needed. After that everything felt quite normal and at home.

    Biggest reference for me is my fiancee:
    With any windows operated PC, she will start disagreeing with it within a half hour. Give her a mac and you won't hear her as everything is very intuitive and convenient to find.

    As far as music goes, everything just goes that much smoother. With productions in DAW a new sound card is not directly needed, as the standard sound card will bring you quite far without having to resort to ASIO4ALL.
    Most MIDI tricks are already natively present in the OS.
    And overall; my experience is, that I haven't had any crashes yet. (Here's praying I didn't jinx it now. )

    Mind you, I only had a few (2 or 3) crashes in Vista, which I used actively from 2007 to 2010. I really didn't mind using this desktop, but it all just seems to go much smoother with my MBP.
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    I got a new work laptop last week. Before I had a Win XP Desktop. That was fine, just slow.

    Now this new Asus Laptop has Win 7. I fucking HATE IT!

    I use a Mac at home (have for the last 5 years) and LOVE IT to bits.
    It always works!

    This Win7 bloody laptop is iffy and full of SHIT!

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