The iPad DJ and the post-laptop era of DJ’ing. Thoughts from BPM 2012
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    Default The iPad DJ and the post-laptop era of DJ’ing. Thoughts from BPM 2012

    Hi guys,

    I visited the trade show BPM this week to check out the new DJ technology offerings from the big manufacturers. I didn’t go to see what new toys I should buy, but to see if I could pick up on trends and see where the DJ industry is heading. It’s noticeable that a number of manufacturers are releasing controllers for ipads to enhance their functionality for use in performance and i see this leading to a post-laptop era of DJ'ing soon.

    I've written an article on the topic on my blog, your thoughts and feedback would be much appreciated.

    The article: The iPad DJ and the post-laptop era of DJ’ing. Thoughts from BPM 2012



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    The biggest problem I see with iPad or iPhone is Apple. They can make any change they like and leave all your controllers and other assoseries useles in the next update. iDJlive does not work on iOS6 I have lots of stuff that has the 30 pin connecter that I could not use if I get the iPhone 5. I bought the synthstation 25 for my 3Gs it's not working with my 4. Also there were several midi devices that worked with the Camera kit but after next iOS update they no longer worked. Each year Apple makes some changes that make some of your older things useless.
    But I do see the posabileties in the iPad DJ controllers and also thing the Pioneers aproch being the safest/most future proof way to go.

    P.S. actualy the first gig I did after starting DJ'ing again in 2010 was iPad/iPhone only using the DJ Mixer Pro app was only a 1 hour gig and it sent the cue wirless to my iPhone.
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