NI Soundcard Lifespan?
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    Default NI Soundcard Lifespan?

    Hi, I Have had a NI audio 2 for about 3 years now I have been using it with ableton for djing. Itís great no problems with it at all. I have started djing with traktor 2.5 demo and love it so I will be moving over from ableton.

    Thing is that now traktor are giving away the software with their products so I was thinking of just buying a new audio 2 as its only £40 more than buying the software and just selling my old card or keeping it as back up. (I have my set up already and don't need any NI products)

    The main reason is I donít want to buy traktor then my soundcard break in 6 months and have buy and new one and get traktor with it for free.

    So does anyone know how long NI soudcards generally last? or how long have you been using yours with no issuse?


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    How long is a piece of string? You takes your money, you takes your chance. As long as it out lives it warranty, who knows how long it'll keep going.

    I've had a laptop for 10+ years now,and it's still going strong. Not as strong as it was, but strong.
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