Hi. sorry for my english.

so i had a "crackle sound" and dropouts problem with my Audio 2. but when i disable wi-fi everything was working fine.

till yesterday.

when i start yesterday traktor (Kontrol F1 and Audio 2 connect) i saw that the CPU load is very high. I thought that was some kind of virus or something. so i change my HDD (i bought new one) add some extra ram and reinstall the widnows.

i connect my devices, start traktor and...i have a lot of droputos and i can hear distorted sound. i disable the wi-fi, downloaded newest audio 2 driver, change latency to max (1024) and i still have problems.

also, traktor sometime stopped working for half second.

i change thu USB buffer size to 4ms. trkator was working properly, but i still can hear "crackles" and soe kind of distortion.

on my second pc (1.7ghz, 768 mb ram, win xp) everything is ok.

what should i do?

my pc: dell latitude d620 C2D 1.83 Ghz, 3 GB ram, Win XP.

Ps. i know, that the traktor 2.5 needs windows 7, and faster CPU, but till yesterday everything was okay on my PC.


traktor version - 2.5.1

Ps 2 : when i switch back to my old HDD and remove extra ram, i still have a problem.