Idea for storing, exporting, and exchanging Hotcues/Loops between programs
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    Default Idea for storing, exporting, and exchanging Hotcues/Loops between programs

    Hi guys
    I want to share my little idea for simple solution to export, import , and exchange your Hotcues and Loops info between different programs. I know that many of you often are afraid of changing their DJ program because of their big library of analyzed tracks, and also many of you suffer from lost information after update etc.

    Idea is simple : Store all needed information in mp3 idtag comment section, and using simple tools exchange that data both ways between programs like this:

    Analyze tracks in Tracktor with Hotcues >>> Export all this data to mp3 tags using created tools >>>> Add those mp3 to Serato >>> Update Serato database based on mp3 tags

    How it could be done:
    - we should together setup some standard for storing all this new data in comments similar to XML something like
    <HotCue1> 24.0 </HotCue1>

    -we should analyze how each program store their data

    -we should create simple tools to exchange that data in both ways: from program to mp3tag and from mp3tag to program. This could be one program, or couple small programs.

    Another future idea is to create some kind of online database where everybody could upload their analyzed data, users could vote on them and later download best and apply to their tracks. There should be some kind of track identification, maybe base on store id data, or file CRC info.

    What do you think about it?
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