Looking to add to my setup- Akai MPD Series or Midifighter 3D/Pro?
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    Default Looking to add to my setup- Akai MPD Series or Midifighter 3D/Pro?

    I've been DJing for a little over a year now and I've been dabbling in production. Currently, I'm using an Akai APC20 and an MPK Mini to run Traktor and Ableton (not at the same time).
    Mind you, this addition is meant for both, but leaning more toward the production side of things. I'm fond of the pads in the MPK Mini, but I also notice that there is a lot of love for the arcade buttons on midifighters.
    The contenders at present are the Midifighter 3D, the Midifighter Pro, and the MPD 26 or 32.

    I'd like to get an opinion on which is better suited toward production. Velocity sensitivity is not an issue.

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    This is one of those questions that comes down to personal preference. I have never used the MPD series but have always loved Akai products. I can, however, chime in on the MF3D. It is an absolute delight. Its innovative, fun, and rewarding. I was on the fence about whether to get an F1 or a MF3D to add to my S4. I decided to go with the MF3D and am really happy that I did. It has far exceeded my expectations in terms of value, implementation into my workflow, and sheer awesomeness. My vote is the MF3D.

    Besides, what better place for your money to go? ;-P

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    MPD pads are abominable next to MPC pads, so if you're looking for button mashing, the MF3D is really the smart way to go. But it really depends on what you're using it for. If you need a sequencer/drum machine rig, a Maschine/MPC will probably skyrocket your abilities, but if you just need MIDI buttons and triggers, the MF3D comes in a lot cheaper. Note that it won't really do anything that your APC doesn't do already, many times over.

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    +1 on the 3D
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    Agree on MPD as well as MPK pads being horrible! Personally I've taken apart my mpk49 to try to fix it, set the sensitivty to the max, the threshold to the min, and put it on full level, and thats the only wsy 80% of the hit I try to make will be recognized...absolutely horrible!

    A lot of the decisions come down to needing velocity and knobs. Given that while there is definitely velocity on an MPD, you sacrifice a lot of accuracy on anything more complicated then launching loops/clips (an operation which isnt velocity sensitive), so right away I'd suggest a MF3D for the crazy awesome response everyone talks about!

    And with the knobs, if theyre that important you can go for the MF Pro if that's enough, or use your MPK mini's or upgrade to APC40.

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    A drum machine/sequencer workflow would be ideal. Unfortunately, a maschine or MPC would definitely be a stretch in terms of budget. The MPK Mini pads are the same as the MPD's, I believe. I don't think it would make a substantial enough difference at this point to justify shoving out the extra cash.

    Also, how does the MF3D work in regards to finger-drumming?

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    My vote goes for 3D but looking at maschine micro, hmm... Also CMD DC-1 looks nice and it should be out soon.

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    I was thinking for the knobs I'd just go with the on of the Behringer CMD MM-1s. As for the sensitivity on the MPD, what about modding the pads by adding some sort of buffer, like those kits on mpcstuff? Or are those a crapshoot?

    I've heard that the Mikro doesn't really compare to the original Maschine. Is that true?

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